An ally in the kitchen, friend of health and the planet

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The pressure cooker ally in the kitchen, It is good for health and the planet.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest methods. The steam makes it possible to cook food without disrupting vitamins and organic substances.

Choose steaming in a pressure cooker allows not only to cook food in a healthy and low-calorie way, but it maintains the nutritional properties of the foods themselves, It allows to have, from the organoleptic point of view, excellent quality and reduces by 80% the cooking times with savings of energy resources and also of time!

This our ally in the kitchen dates back to old times: the first rudimentary pressure cooking finds, indeed, date back to the Egyptians, and then come up to the seventeenth century with the “digesteur” di Denis Papin, French physicist the "she rediscovered" and perfected, so as to be the basis for the idea of ​​the steam engine.

Vitamin loss that occurs during cooking in a pressure cooker is insignificant for nutritional purposes. The heat sensitive vitamins are few, essentially vitamin C and thiamine. The first, while it is also contained in plant, It derived primarily from fruits, that does not submit almost never cook; the second is slightly deteriorates with heat. Both are water soluble, but although the pressure cooker works at high temperatures (circa 120 °C) and in water, The short cooking times mean that only a small amount of vitamins is lost.