Quando un seme incontra dell’acqua accade qualcosa di straordinario

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The seeds that you pick up sleep, to wake them up you have to do is give them water and put them in the ground at the right time of the year: a seed that is alive, but sleeping is said sleeper.

After putting to soak the beans or lentils you can try to peel. The coating protects the seed from moisture and dirt as he slept, Now that the seed has "inflated" open it and discover the two halves seem just made the same way.

All bean seeds have two "half" and are called cotyledons.

The cotyledons contain all the food of which the seed needs to begin to grow and become a plant. And even if they still seem, these two halves become two leaves!

The first two leaves of the young plant.

When the seed is given water amazing things begin to happen. A complex mechanism is started in these cotyledons, It transforms the stored food when the seed was dormant in units of energy called enzymes that run all that lives.

Enzymes are the seeds a super food for people, birds, dogs, cavalli, cows, hamsters, ball, squirrels and all kinds of other living creatures. We call them buds. Sprouts are incredible food. They have as much protein as meat and eggs, more vitamin C, such as orange juice, more vitamin A, like carrots, just to name a few.

As the shoots grow the cotyledons feeding a new stem, if you let the sprouts grow for a longer time a little bud appears, a new leaf, but the sprouts are eaten before that happens .

A root appears on the other end of the shank. Grow a lot and become the first root of the plant. If you planted your seed in the ground dry, He never could see the root because this would "dug" down.

The most of the seeds have two cotyledons. These plants are called dicotyledons such as beans, lentils, peanuts, this, broccoli, alfalfa, clover, and pretty much everything that grows in a garden.

Some types of seeds have only one cotyledon are called monocots and.

Monocots are wheat, more, rye etc.

When you revive a seed of monocotyledonous, the magic of rebirth mechanism is not in the cotyledon. It is located in a special part of the seed called endosperm.

L'endosperm Alimenta the cotiledone, monocots in the cotyledon develops into a "stem" and a root, just like in the semi dicotyledonous, but without the endosperm he would die. The endosperm is what gives the juicy flavor crop, avena, more, and all other cereals.

So the seeds in your hand are not really sleeping. They are alive and moving, guard the deep, the mysterious secret of life! They only look in silence, until they are not reached by the water.