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Integral to Biogrissini sprouts Millet


Integral biological breadsticks with millet shoots ideal as a snack, for a drink, as appetite suppressant throughout the day

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grissini-miglioIngredients: wholemeal wheat, Millet sprouts, mother paste (wholemeal wheat, water), sunflower oil, sale, rosemary
confezione 100 gr

Valori Nutrizionali Medi per 100 grammi

Valore energetico 285,77 Kcal

Acidi Grassi Saturi 1,04 g

Grassi 8,79 g

Carboidrati 46,88

Proteine 8,42 g

Zuccheri 0,27 g

Sale 117,92 mg

Fibre 8,07 g

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