Vegetable Cream of Buckwheat Sprouts

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You can never do without the vegetable cream of buckwheat sprouts!

Try it in both sweet and savory versions, You discover how taste able to give your dishes in no time!

It’ easy to produce it at home with biofarina of Buckwheat Sprouts. Here is the recipe-

Heat water in a saucepan, 250 grams, when it boils add 3 biofarina tablespoons of buckwheat sprouts. Let cool, then strain. Now you will have the milk of buckwheat sprouts to use to prepare your vegetable cream.

Preparation of Cream Plant the sprouts Buckwheat

100 g of milk with buckwheat sprouts

180 g of sunflower oil

1 of soya lecithin spoon

to sweeten: agave syrup or other sweetener of your choice.

United in a mixer to milk the lecithin, whisk, add if you like the agave syrup and always whisking the oil but slowly.

Your cream is now ready, put it in a bowl to rest in the fridge before using it!