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Jams and Mustards

The jams and mustards are produced using only fruit BIO zero km. For jams is used exclusively sugar mascobado of fair trade.
The mustard is packaged following an ancient recipe Local.

Our production of jams and mustards varies depending on seasons and while stocks last. We currently have jams apple and cinnamon, mirabelle and mustards cherry, mele e pere. To order and receive them comfortably at home, revenue in the Shop.


The jams and apple chutney are made with local apples, it is nearly extinct ancient varieties but which were once widely grown in the Land of the Four Provinces.

The mustard instead is packaged according to an old local recipe.

The apples we use are the Rostaiole and Pom Frascon

Apples are an ancient native variety Rostaiole once widespread in the Territory of the Four Provinces (Piacenza, Pavia, Alessandria and Genoa), also known as "Pomelle Genoese".
Verdi s Red Light, Crisp, fruit during the winter turn yellow and red, keep in a cool, dry place until March.

The Apple "Frascon" is an old variety grown past the mountains of the Four Provinces.
And 'unique to the delicate color typical: pistachio green and pink
E a mela invernale, also excellent to consume cooked.


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