Organic Farming – because '?

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Frascona Pavese-mediumThe 100% of our ingredients come from certified organic agriculture.

According to the definition of the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB) “Organic farming is a method
the cultivation and breeding that admits only the use of natural substances, that is present in nature, excluding the use of synthetic substances like chemical herbicides and insecticides.

Why then eat organic?

Healthiness – Organic products, precisely for agronomic techniques adopted, in particular the non-use of synthetic chemicals, are automatically safer than others from the point of view of sanitation. They are then free from GMOs, whose risks and uncertainties which affect the environment and human health make them incompatible with the approach bio.

Environmental impact – Organic farming is environmentally friendly because’ minimizes the release of waste into the soil, air and water, consumes less energy and safeguards the complexity of the agro and its biodiversity.

Guarantee system of control and certification – There is a system that provides both a set of precise rules for the production and distribution of food, both independent bodies that monitor the implementation of standards and certify to consumers (Regulation Cee 2092/91). This means that the consumer has more guarantees on the quality and "naturalness" of what he brings to the table.

Flavor – Organic products have a more natural flavor, then in addition to healthy are also the most rewarding and the most satiating the palate. They are in fact the most good!

All products of the farm Le Tre Pertiche are made in full compliance with the standards of organic farming, with the added value of development of the area dell'Oltrepo’ Pavia where we work.