The purple corn

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The purple corn is an ancient variety of corn native of Peru that is still grown today in low-lying areas of the Andean valleys.

It also grows well in the hill and mountain areas in Italy, It is a hardy plant and incredible satisfaction! It deserves only to the amazement of peeling a corncob and find purple instead of yellow.

Known since pre-Inca, è un alimento che viene consumato da secoli e che gli antichi usavano anche come colorante per modificare l’aspetto di cibi e bevande.

The purple corn is rich in anthocyanins, like blueberries, i ribes, the cherries, cherries, il cavolo rosso ecc

Anthocyanins not only give them their color, but above all that make them foods rich in precious elements, Foods that are good for health and prevent aging because natural antioxidants.

The purple corn contains 4-5 times more anthocyanins blueberries.

It’ also rich in polyphenols, una combinazione che lo rende un alimento con altissimo potere antiossidante: protezione dai radicali liberi, from cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol, but also an anti-inflammatory and a valuable aid in tissue regeneration, in the formation of collagen and in the regulation of blood pressure.

The purple corn is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus and vitamins of the group B.

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Le antiche varietà di mais rappresentano oggi una innovativa risorsa alimentare e la loro coltivazione permette di valorizzare un patrimonio straordinario, as biodiversity.