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The products The Three Pertiche

tutti prodottiWelcome! Our products are 100% guaranteed BIO, con materie prime coltivate da noi stessi o da altri agricoltori con stessa certificazione. This means absolute guarantee of healthy products, completely natural and unaffected.

Ours is a small farm and our production is not’ industrial type chain continues, produce instead following the availability of raw materials and depending on creative choices. Ecco il motivo della presenza occasionale di alcuni prodotti particolari. More reason’ to subscribe to our newsletter!

All our products are vegan-friendly. At the moment our production and’ divided into four categories. Click on the names to visit the pages dedicated:

Ezekiel bread and croutons, Pangermoglio
Jams and Mustards
Seitan aromatic
Micro Green e Germogli

All, except fresh sprouts, it can’ be ordered through our online shop.

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