The philosophy of the production The Three Pertiche

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An orchard, some fields, BIO certified suppliers like us, a gastronomic laboratory, creativity’ and passion of Fabio and Monica… these are the elements that lead to the genuineness’ and the natural goodness’ The product Three Pertiche. Our mission revolves around values ​​like quality ', passion, purity, ecosostenibilita '.

The company’ still young and the process of discovery and development of excellent raw materials and the Val Tidone’ far from exhausted: We constantly challenge, listen to recommendations and we are always looking for ancient knowledge from “unearth” and revive in our products.

It’ a few months we are focusing a lot on shoots and products derived therefrom – we appreciate the great nutritional value and we believe that they should have more space in the diet of those who make healthy eating (but tasty) a passion. The success of the various products inspired by our recipes for Pangermoglio and Ezekiel bread is urging us to experiment with ever new variations of these concentrates tasty purity. Lately we are finding union with goji berries, fruit that reason is becoming increasingly important in the context of healthy eating, and the unleavened bread and sweet’ only the first of these experiments, that will become more and more’ many in the course of 2015.

Jams and chutneys are a classic, that our customers appreciate some years. Our “book” includes 5/6 variants of each, but hardly on the site you will find it more’ of two or three at a time – this just for the artisan nature of our production, following the availability’ and quality’ raw materials rather than simple market logic.

The Seitan – particularly appreciated by vegans – and’ our “classic” but that’ is continually revisited in new variants: we've recently added version flavored with paprika.

In Conclusion, The Three Pertiche and’ a company that is very different from the classical food industry consumer, and and’ very proud to do so!