Consumption of sprouts and LDL cholesterol

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And 'it demonstrated that the consumption of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and how in particular certain types of plant foods can be much more effective for the cardiovascular health protection.

Secondo un recente studio pubblicato sul Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in particular the microgreens of red cabbage are able to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in obese patients more effectively compared to the mature red cabbage.

Previous studies have shown that microgreens possess nutritional properties more than adult fees. however, nessuno studio ha confrontato l’impatto sulla riduzione dell’impatto delle malattie cardiovascolari.

Lo studio condotto relativamente al consumo di microgreen ha mostrato che la loro introduzione nell’alimentazione aiuta a mantenere basso il colesterolo LDL.

(J. Agric. Food Chem., 2016, 64 (48), pp 9161–9171, November 12, 2016)