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farm Le Tre Pertiche

The farm and’ born in 2009 initiative of Monica and Fabio, that after years of efforts in the field have decided to take this adventure. The Three Pertiche is located in the municipality of Romagnese, small hill town dell'Oltrepo’ Pavese in the Territory of the Four Provinces.

The Land of the Four Provinces is an area of ​​the Apennines between the regions of Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Liguria and Lombardy and culturally homogeneous traditions, customs and traditions.

Historically the transit area for dealers, Armies, pilgrims and travelers, I passed the old mileage.

  • The way Postojna (traced by Aulus Albinus in Postumio 148 a.C.) connecting Genoa to Aquileia;
  • the Via Francigena, that during the Middle Ages took pilgrims from France to Rome and from there’ Jerusalem,
  • the route of the Abbots, which started from Bobbio
  • the salt route through which transited, toward the Po Valley, salt from Liguria.

The company is certified organic and grown fruit, vegetables, Herbs, shoots and microgreen.

The fruit consists mainly apples and pears, especially local varieties recovered.

The microgreen and the shoots are sold fresh and processed: in particular, In addition to pickles, prepare the Essene bread and the bread of Ezekiel.

We have a workshop where we prepare transformation products:

  • jams, mostarde, jellies and preserves
  • Seitan rye
  • bread with sprouts (Pan sprout with corn and bread of Ezekiel with cereals and vegetables)

Our company 'family and the production and' strongly influenced by seasonality ': to be up to date on our products in action, and be the first to know the constant updates' baked in our laboratory bio, subscribe to newsletter!

We practice social farming and we are also engaged in the field of mental health problems with activities of ortoterapia.

This and’ the geographical location of our farm.

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