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Shinrin-yoku significa bathe the forest or Forest Bathing . La via giapponese contro lo stress, nota anche come Forest Therapy.

La nostra azienda si trova in un posto sperduto e incontaminato, immersa nelle foreste degli appennini.

Pratichiamo quindi lo Shinrin-yoku da sempre.

Secondo recenti studi effettuati dall’Università di Chiba, camminare e respirare a pieni polmoni in un bosco è un vero toccasana.

La foresta terapia non solo riduce lo stress, ma anche il rischio di colesterolo e i conflitti interiori. Ogni passo è un massaggio benefico per corpo e mente. Ecco i consigli per iniziare.

I controlli hanno evidenziato che la permanenza in un ambiente verde riduce le concentrazioni di cortisolo, il ritmo cardiaco e la pressione arteriosa; il risultato più sorprendente è stato però l’aumento del 53% delle cellule NK, cioè quelle in grado di riconoscere ed eliminare virus, batteri e cellule tumorali. Con il movimento in mezzo alla natura si hanno anche miglioramenti a livello respiratorio, e benefici a livello muscolare. Le piante producono ossigeno, per questo camminare in ambienti puri, senza inquinamento, è molto salutare.

Ogni passo nel bosco è un massaggio tonificante e benefico per tutto il corpo, ma è anche una meditazione, un modo per schiarire i pensieri, relieve internal conflicts and see problems in a different light.

Camminare tra gli alberi aumenta la nostra capacità di percepire attraverso i sensi, innanzitutto il tatto e l’olfatto.

L’appoggio fermo dei piedi ci infonde l’energia della terra e ci fa sentire sorretti, i colori della luce e il buio ci inviano stimoli e incoraggiano a cambiare punti di vista.
The wild scent taught to be receptive to nourishment, e ascoltare il fruscio delle foglie o i rumori del bosco sbloccano il nostro respiro e risvegliano l’attenzione e l’abbandono.

Provate a immergervi in un bosco portando con voi io nostri biscotti ai germogli di grano saraceno, limone e cannella e ad abbandonarvi sotto un albero masticandoli lentamente!

Tomini Sweets to sprouts Buckwheat & Apricot

50 g biofarina sprouts Buckwheat

200 grams of water

Half a teaspoon of agar agar

3-5 dried apricots

A pinch of salt

Poppy seeds

Bring to a boil the water, add the biofarina of buckwheat sprouts, being careful not to make lumps. let cool.

A blend of dried apricots which have previously amollato.

Add the apricots, a pinch of salt and agar agar and place the mixture into molds of your choice and sprinkle with poppy seeds

Mayonnaise to plant millet sprouts

Olio di girasole: 100 ml

Latte di Germogli di Miglio: 50 ml

Lecitina di soia: 1 cucchiaio da caffè

Sale fino: 1 pizzico

Aceto o succo di limone: 1 cucchiaio

Versate nel bicchiere di plastica del frullatore ad immersione il latte di germogli di miglio, l’olio di semi di girasole, la lecitina di soia, a pinch of salt and finally a spoon of vinegar or lemon. Immergete all’interno del bicchiere il frullatore ad immersione e frullate gli ingredienti a velocità media, fino a che il composto non si sarà addensato; ci vorranno pochi secondi. Trasferite la finta maionese senza uova in una ciotola e servitela ai vostri ospiti!

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il Milk of millet sprouts It is a perfect source of beneficial substances for the 'body to consume as an alternative to more traditional milk as it is 100% vegetable, rich in protein and poor in fats.

Millet contains an enzyme called lipase, whose property is to dissolve the fat accumulated in the body. It is a ferment that is deposited in our digestive juices, favoring the correct decomposition and the proper absorption of nutrients, and then working on fatty acids.

In addition to eliminating the excess fat, its main benefit is to separate the fatty acids of the food making the lighter digestion and avoiding the classical water retention. Surely you gain in health!

Seeds of millet, Furthermore, produce other secondary processes that promote weight loss:

  • It allows to reduce the high level of glucose in the blood.
  • Regulates the cholesterol level.
  • It helps the liver
  • It makes enzymes essential to the kidneys to optimize their functioning and to eliminate the excess of liquids.
  • Reduces hypertension.
  • Lipase also helps keep arteries flexible well, free from deposits of fat.

'Pretty easy to prepare at home this drink thanks to biofarina of millet shoots preparation is instantaneous!

enough 3 tablespoons of coffee for about a mile biofarina 250 cc of water: bring to a boil the water, add the biofarina, turn off the heat, let stand 5 minutes, filtered and millet milk is ready!miglio-latte

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INGREDIENTS: 1 kg pumpkin, 1 kg of potatoes, 150/200 biofarina grams of millet sprouts, sale, nutmeg, sage, pepe.
Remember to cook the pumpkin in the oven and not steamed so absorb less water and your dumplings will be even tastier!.
Then clean the pumpkin from the peel and seeds, and fire it at 150 ° for about 20 minutes . Cook the potatoes steam, still warm, peel them and mash them together with the pumpkin.
Add to the mix a pinch of salt and nutmeg (according to taste) and mix the biofarina of millet sprouts until the mixture will be hard.
Spread a bit 'of flour on a pastry board, form of sausages with the dough and pull them by hand, then with a knife cut the dumplings every two centimeters.
Bring to a boil a pot of salted water, then toss the gnocchi in boiling water.
When afloat they are ready: transfer them on plates with a skimmer.
Fry some sage leaves and pour the sauce over drained gnocchi, pepper and good appetite!

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A first flat fun, different and tasty.
Ingredients: 150 grams of buckwheat sprouts and dried flour, 50 grams of bread crumbs or wholemeal rye flour (We suggest rice flour if you want one dumpling gluten free), a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, sale, nutmeg, water.
Arrange in a bowl the flours, add salt, the oil, the nutmeg (half teaspoon coffee, but the amount depends on your taste) and slowly add warm water and knead. For when settling with the water you consider that you have to get a workable loaf and that does not stick.
Let rest at least half an hour in fridge then riprendetela. Roll out with a rolling pin and cut it or make small dumplings.
Cook in boiling salted water, They are ready in no time as soon as they surface.
recommended seasoning: leek sauce and herbs.

INGREDIENTS: 600 grams of peeled apples rostaiole, 3 eggs, 300 grams of sugar, 150 g raisins, 1 lemon, cinnamon a pinch, 75 grams of buckwheat flour sprouts.
Peel the apples and frullatele. Separate the red from white eggs that you mount snow.
The red egg mix it with sugar until creamy smooth, add raisins, the pureed apple, cinnamon, grated lemon zest and flour from buckwheat sprouts.
At this point add the white whites.
Put the dough in a baking dish and garnish, if you, with cherries in syrup.
Now put in a convection oven for 2oo degrees 30 minutes, let cool before serving.
It’ excellent cut into squares and served with ice cream or whipped cream.

Ingredients: 75 gr buckwheat sprouts flour, 2 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 celery, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic if you like, a few leaves of cabbage, laurel, rosemary, sage, timo, sale qb
Preparation: peeled potatoes, cook them in a little water with the carrot, cut into pieces, the celery, the cabbage leaves tagluzzate, bay leaf. When cooked, add the spices and salt. whisk. Add the flour from buckwheat sprouts and serve with a drizzle of oil.

It’ autumn and it is time to Grass Wheat Grass and Rye.
Very good in the kitchen for tasty salads, It serves mainly to purify, providing important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. But above all it contains chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll is a real cure for our body. Its cleansing action helps to balance the pH of the body, or to rebalance, and to reinforce it with all necessary nutrients for example to rejuvenate the cells and remove toxins. In particular there are: Football, Phosphorus, Potassium, Ferro, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, C, It, folic acid, pantothenic acid and bioflavonoids.
The Wheat Grass and The Rye Grass will be available from mid-October!


often forgotten, Millet is a cereal with multiple properties.

Millet contains high biological value protein, higher than those of other cereals, with high presence of sulfur amino acids (cistina, methionine); Also proteins contained in Mile are easily assimilated.

Millet is rich in minerals including iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, football, sodium and silicon.

It contains mainly vitamins of the B complex, but also vitamins A, E and PP.

It is easily digestible and has diuretic properties.

Il Miglio è altamente digeribile e svolge un’azione alcalinizzante

Millet has always been considered a useful food to hair beauty, eyelashes, skin, teeth and nails. It stimulates the production of keratin of hair and nails and helps strengthen tooth enamel.

Thanks to its nutritional properties, and especially the abundance of B vitamins and the mineral wealth, millet is a tonic food; essendo ricco di serotonina inoltre, It is considered a kind of natural anti-stress.



ARJUNA’S BRUNCH here arjuna's brunchA the new proposal for spring 2016 Three Pertiche a line which of course will continue with new and original proposals.

A new way to greet the day with renewed energy, because ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It is a versatile product that you can use to enrich your breakfast but also in many other dishes!

ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It is a mix of dried sprouts Millet, Buckwheat and Flax.

Here are some suggestions of use!

– Breakfast: 3 O 4 teaspoons of product for a cup of vegetable milk of your choice, perhaps sweetened with agave nectar.

– Smoothies: 2 tablespoons per serving

ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It can also be used to the extent of soups 2 spoons 250 cc of liquid, we suggest to use it just intiepidendo your soup because it is a product dried at low temperature and then is a raw food!

Also try it in salads or to decorate the dishes based on vegetables with a pinch of turmeric!

The Brunch of Three Pertiche to reinvigorate Your Day!

farine e germogliThe buds and their derivatives are the most powerful’ recognized as a perfect food for a balanced diet and healthy. Why'? In summary, why’ combine nutritivita’ cereale with the digeribilità’ vegetable. When a seed germinates, indeed, many changes occur:

– The molecules tablets become simple and therefore more’ easy to digest

– Increase vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, phenolic compounds and folates, as demonstrated by research carried out by the highest authorities’ in campo alimentare (Jornal of the Science of Food and Agricolture, Sep 2011, Hung et al.; Food and Nutrition Research, 2012, Hefni et al.)

– Insoluble fiber decreases while increasing soluble ones, ie’ digestible.

The BioFarina of shoots is obtained by drying at a low temperature to maximize the preservation of all properties’ bud. My salubrità the’ it is not’ the only reason to use Biofarine Sprout, that they are tasty and extremely simple to use.

In fact, the possible uses are manifold. In addition to the classical use as flour “raw” the BioFarine are excellent in soups, velvety, soups, creme, meatballs veg, pangermoglio… and more depending on your fantasy!

On the back of our packs you Biofarina find some ideas for possible recipes. Here are two brief examples:


BREAD BUDS homemade

100 g flour, 40 g water, a few tablespoons of oil to taste

Mix the ingredients, add more flour if too wet

Roll out the dough and cut into strips.

Baking in the oven: 7 minutes



To a portion

250 cc of water or broth, two / three tablespoons of flour sprouts, spices and salt to taste.

Boil water / broth with salt and spices to taste, add the flour. Preparation time 5/10 minutes depending on desired consistency.

Serve with oil, croutons or other pasta to taste.

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