Arjuna'S BRUNCH or Vigorous Awakening

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ARJUNA’S BRUNCH here arjuna's brunchA the new proposal for spring 2016 Three Pertiche a line which of course will continue with new and original proposals.

A new way to greet the day with renewed energy, because ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It is a versatile product that you can use to enrich your breakfast but also in many other dishes!

ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It is a mix of dried sprouts Millet, Buckwheat and Flax.

Here are some suggestions of use!

– Breakfast: 3 O 4 teaspoons of product for a cup of vegetable milk of your choice, perhaps sweetened with agave nectar.

– Smoothies: 2 tablespoons per serving

ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It can also be used to the extent of soups 2 spoons 250 cc of liquid, we suggest to use it just intiepidendo your soup because it is a product dried at low temperature and then is a raw food!

Also try it in salads or to decorate the dishes based on vegetables with a pinch of turmeric!

The Brunch of Three Pertiche to reinvigorate Your Day!