Discovering shoot and BioFarine

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farine e germogliThe buds and their derivatives are the most powerful’ recognized as a perfect food for a balanced diet and healthy. Why'? In summary, why’ combine nutritivita’ cereale with the digeribilità’ vegetable. When a seed germinates, indeed, many changes occur:

– The molecules tablets become simple and therefore more’ easy to digest

– Increase vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, phenolic compounds and folates, as demonstrated by research carried out by the highest authorities’ in campo alimentare (Jornal of the Science of Food and Agricolture, Sep 2011, Hung et al.; Food and Nutrition Research, 2012, Hefni et al.)

– Insoluble fiber decreases while increasing soluble ones, ie’ digestible.

The BioFarina of shoots is obtained by drying at a low temperature to maximize the preservation of all properties’ bud. My salubrità the’ it is not’ the only reason to use Biofarine Sprout, that they are tasty and extremely simple to use.

In fact, the possible uses are manifold. In addition to the classical use as flour “raw” the BioFarine are excellent in soups, velvety, soups, creme, meatballs veg, pangermoglio… and more depending on your fantasy!

On the back of our packs you Biofarina find some ideas for possible recipes. Here are two brief examples:


BREAD BUDS homemade

100 g flour, 40 g water, a few tablespoons of oil to taste

Mix the ingredients, add more flour if too wet

Roll out the dough and cut into strips.

Baking in the oven: 7 minutes



To a portion

250 cc of water or broth, two / three tablespoons of flour sprouts, spices and salt to taste.

Boil water / broth with salt and spices to taste, add the flour. Preparation time 5/10 minutes depending on desired consistency.

Serve with oil, croutons or other pasta to taste.