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Daily Archives: 11 October 2016

A first flat fun, different and tasty.
Ingredients: 150 grams of buckwheat sprouts and dried flour, 50 grams of bread crumbs or wholemeal rye flour (We suggest rice flour if you want one dumpling gluten free), a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, sale, nutmeg, water.
Arrange in a bowl the flours, add salt, the oil, the nutmeg (half teaspoon coffee, but the amount depends on your taste) and slowly add warm water and knead. For when settling with the water you consider that you have to get a workable loaf and that does not stick.
Let rest at least half an hour in fridge then riprendetela. Roll out with a rolling pin and cut it or make small dumplings.
Cook in boiling salted water, They are ready in no time as soon as they surface.
recommended seasoning: leek sauce and herbs.

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