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Monthly Archives: February 2016


often forgotten, Millet is a cereal with multiple properties.

Millet contains high biological value protein, higher than those of other cereals, with high presence of sulfur amino acids (cistina, methionine); Also proteins contained in Mile are easily assimilated.

Millet is rich in minerals including iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, football, sodium and silicon.

It contains mainly vitamins of the B complex, but also vitamins A, E and PP.

It is easily digestible and has diuretic properties.

Il Miglio è altamente digeribile e svolge un’azione alcalinizzante

Millet has always been considered a useful food to hair beauty, eyelashes, skin, teeth and nails. It stimulates the production of keratin of hair and nails and helps strengthen tooth enamel.

Thanks to its nutritional properties, and especially the abundance of B vitamins and the mineral wealth, millet is a tonic food; essendo ricco di serotonina inoltre, It is considered a kind of natural anti-stress.



ARJUNA’S BRUNCH here arjuna's brunchA the new proposal for spring 2016 Three Pertiche a line which of course will continue with new and original proposals.

A new way to greet the day with renewed energy, because ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It is a versatile product that you can use to enrich your breakfast but also in many other dishes!

ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It is a mix of dried sprouts Millet, Buckwheat and Flax.

Here are some suggestions of use!

– Breakfast: 3 O 4 teaspoons of product for a cup of vegetable milk of your choice, perhaps sweetened with agave nectar.

– Smoothies: 2 tablespoons per serving

ARJUNA’S BRUNCH It can also be used to the extent of soups 2 spoons 250 cc of liquid, we suggest to use it just intiepidendo your soup because it is a product dried at low temperature and then is a raw food!

Also try it in salads or to decorate the dishes based on vegetables with a pinch of turmeric!

The Brunch of Three Pertiche to reinvigorate Your Day!

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